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10 Lines on My School

Looking for 10 Lines on My School In English for your school homework? we have the perfect lines for your school that you can use for your essay on my school and can get some good grade.

Today, we’re going to share a ten-line essay about My School. This article might assist students looking for information in English about My School.

This article is straightforward and simple to recall.

School is an important factor in determining a child’s destiny. It’s a holy grail that offers unforgettable experiences, education, happiness, and wonderful friendships.

This essay is written at a medium level, so any student can write on it. This article is appropriate for students in grades 1, 2, and 3.

Below is your lines on my school.


10 lines on My School


You do not need to be concerned if you have been given an assignment to write an essay on my school.

You may produce a fantastic about my school essay by following the simple procedures outlined below.

How do I compose an Essay on School?

This is essay no 1 and any class student can use it.

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  1. My School is “Name of School”.
  2. Thousands of students graduate from my school each year.
  3. It is a well-known school in the city for providing excellent education.
  4. My school has a library, a playground and an auditorium and a computer room also.
  5. All the teachers at my school are helpful and caring.
  6. I learn different games and extracurricular activities along with my studies.
  7. I made friends in my school who helped me in learning, sharing and caring.
  8. My school’s classrooms are all large, and I study with my pals in them.
  9. I learn many new things daily in my school.
  10. I love going to school daily to learn and meet my friend.


10 Lines on My School In


The above given 10 Lines on My School are the best lines anyone can say about their school.

School is a location where children receive instruction in a variety of subjects.

Writing a 10-line essay about My School teaches kids how to write concise sentences.

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The first step in learning how to write an excellent essay is to create a 10-line essay on my school.

These 10 Lines on My School also assist children in better understanding the use of grammar.

For Class 1 to 10, below are 10 basic lines on My School. Students can change or add to these lines to make the essay more appealing.


10 lines on My School In English


A school is a place where children can receive an education. It allows us to gain new skills that will benefit us in our daily life.

This is essay no 2 and students of class 5-8 can use it.



  1. My School- “Name of the School” is the second most frequently visited destination in my life.
  2. My school is where we acquire discipline, moral values, and other life skills, as well as academics that help us become better people.
  3. My school’s teachers are all well-educated professionals who are constantly eager to assist us in learning new and fascinating skills that will help us advance in our careers.
  4. There is a large playground where I can study other sports in addition to my schoolwork.
  5. My lecturers are caring and helpful individuals who constantly go out of their way to assist me without passing judgment and provide me with sound advice.
  6. In my school, established several lifelong friends with whom hope to maintain contact when graduate.
  7. Every day is new beginning at my school, where learn, grow, play, and appreciate life.
  8. My school takes place among some of the finest schools in the city.
  9. My school homes colourful birds, flowers, and trees. It has a beautiful fountain located at the entry gate.
  10. My school has given me the best of friends, whom I will cherish for the rest of my life.


10 Lines on My School In English


Essay no 2 contains more beautiful 10 Lines on My School In English and specially written for students above class 5.





Schools are essential for everyone since they assist in the acquisition of skills and knowledge, as well as the preparation for tomorrow and the development of a successful career.

Many schools have abandoned the rote learning methods of the past. They’ve picked up on new ideas that benefit and improve a child’s physical, social, and mental well-being.

The 10 lines on My School in English provided offer you important information for writing paragraphs and essays on this topic, as well as guidance for competitive exams and G.K. quizzes.

A school is a place where children can receive education. It allows us to gain new skills that will benefit us in our daily life.

We all have fond memories of our school years.

On My School, we’ve generated a few groups of ten lines.

We recommend that you check them out right now because they will undoubtedly bring back memories of your school days.

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