Best Diet Plan To Gain 10kg Weight In A Month

Best Diet Plan to Gain 10kg Weight in a month

Today we are going to tell about Best Diet Plan To Gain 10kg Weight In A Month so if you want to gain weight then you can continue reading or else you can go back from here to another post.

If you are tired of doing different types of yoga, exercise, eating strange supplements and medicines, even after all your weight is not increasing, So don’t worry after today you will not have to go anywhere else or anyone else.
By the way, there are many websites available on the internet which are telling a lot of tips for gaining weight. But is that for you? You do not know whether the diet plan you are being told is correct according to your body weight. If you follow any diet plan without match with your body, then you will not get any benefit from it.

So according to us, you should follow a diet plan that suits your body and not someone else’s. That’s why we bring a Best Diet Plan To Gain 10kg Weight In A Month this will help you in increasing body weight without any loss.

Weight Gain Diet Plan If Body Weight 50kg

If your weight is under 50kg and you want to increase your wait up to 10kg but you don’t have enough time and money to join a gym and take supplements so you can follow our Best Diet Plan To Gain 10kg Weight In A Month.


  • Drink water as soon as you get up morning because water will make your digestion good.

After 2 hours:

  • Shake of 2 banana, 2 sapodillas, 50gm pomegranate, 4 Almonds, 15 Raisin, 2 Fig, 12 Cashew, 2 walnuts, and milk 300gm.

After 2 hours:

  • Mix Vegetable juice

After 2 hours:

  • 4 bread, 2 vegetable dishes, one bowl rice, a cup of curd, and a full plate of salad.

After 3 hours:

  • Coffee, 4 brown bread + 50gm peanut butter

After 2 hours:

  • Mix fruit juice of pomegranate, orange, papaya, pineapple, Sweet lime.

After 3 hours:

  • 4 breads, 2 different vegetable dishes, rice, curd.

Note: Say no to sugar, fried foods

If you follow this diet plan without any skip so you can see huge changes in your body weight. This diet plan is a plan that if you follow it, you can increase the weight in a natural way without any damage. If you like our Best Diet Plan To Gain 10kg Weight In A Month so you can tell us in the comment section.

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