Best Happy Raksha Bandhan Poem In English & Hindi


Looking for Happy Raksha Bandhan Poem In English for your brother and sister? We have a huge collection of Raksha Bandhan Poems that you can share with your siblings on this Rakhi as a Raksha Bandhan 2021 Wishes.

After all, there are few situations in which we are able to openly express our true feelings. You don’t have to create your own poem; instead, choose from the list below, which we’ve put together just for you on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan


  • ओस की बूंदों से भी प्यारी है, मेरी बहना
    गुलाब की पंखुड़ियों से भी नाज़ुक है, मेरी बहना
    आसमां से उतारी कोई राजकुमारी है, मेरी बहना
    सच कहूँ तो मेरी आँखों की राजदुलारी है, मेरी बहना
  • Os Ki Boondon Se Bhi Pyari Hai, Meri Behana
    Gulaab Ki Pankhudiyon Se Bhi Naazuk Hai, Meri Behana
    Aasamaan Se Utaaree Koee Raajakumaaree Hai, Meri Behana
    Sach Kahoon To Meri Aankhon Ki Raajadulaaree Hai, Meri Behana


Raksha Bandhan Poem In English




Above given poem is in Hindi and there are many other beautiful Rakhi Poems we have here for you.

On the occasion of Rakhi lets not forget to wish our brother and sisters who are far from us and could not make it due to any reason.


  • When I was younger, you were always there for me.
    When I was young and daring, you were there to defend me.
    When I was lost, you were there to help me.
    Because of you, I am who I am, and all I want to say is thank you.
    I’m tying this Rakhi for you and praying for you.
    May you be in good health and continue to be strong,
    Obtain wealth and live a long life.
  • A piece of my heart, a piece of my soul
    Even when we are physically apart, we remain connected in spirit.
    Every step I do is guided by you.
    And please intervene before I make a mistake.
    I send you love with my Rakhi.
    This will bring you excellent health and fortune.


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  • Thank you very much, dear sister.
    For everything you’ve done for me, I know you’re never far away.
    I treasure your love and care, and this Raksha Bandhan, 
    I promise to be there for you whenever you need me; you’ll find me standing nearby.
    Happy Raksha Bandhan Poem In English to all.


I Have a Brother Like You

I just wanted to let you know something.
To me, you are everything.
Only a heart as precious as yours could do such a thing.
Would you offer so selflessly?
The several things you’ve accomplished
All of the times you were present
How much do you genuinely care?
Even if I don’t say it,
I appreciate everything you do.
I consider myself to be really fortunate.
Having a brother who is similar to you




Happy Raksha Bandhan Poem 2021


Who doesn’t enjoy a well-written poem? Poems have a greater impact on our hearts and souls than plain words since they are written from the heart.

Now we will see some Rakhi Poems in Hindi of 2021 which will make your brother and sister love you more and care you more.


List of Raksha Bandhan Poem 2021




  • वो बचपन की शरारते, वो झूलों पे खेलना
    वो माँ का डांटना, वो पापा का लाड-प्यार
    पर एक चीज़ और जो इन सब में ख़ास है
    वो है मेरी प्यारी बहन का प्यार
  • Kachche Dhaagon Se Bani Pakki Dor Hain Rakhi
    Pyaar Aur Meethee Sharaaraton Ki Hod Hain Rakhi
    Bhai Ki Lambee Umr Ki Dua Hain Rakhi
    Behan Ke Pyaar Ka Pavitr Dhuaan Hain Rakhi.
  • बहनों को भाइयों का साथ मुबारक हो
    भाइयों की कलाइयों को बहनों का प्यार मुबारक हो
    रहे ये सुख हमेशा आपकी जिन्दगीं में
    आप सबको राखी का पावन त्यौहार मुबारक हो.
  • Behan Chaahe Sirph Pyaar Dulaar
    Nahee Maangatee Bade Upahaar
    Rishta Bana Rahe Sadiyon Tak
    Mile Bhai Ko Khushiyaan Hazaar
    Rakhi Ki Dher Saari Shubh Kaamanaen


After these Rakhi Poems In Hindi here is a special Raksha Bandhan Poem In English For your Other siblings.


  • My Sister and Me
    We laugh,
    we cry,
    we make time fly.
    Best friends are we
    my sister and me.
  • When I was a kid, I used to see you.
    I was overcome with awe.
    What brought you into our house?
    Why did I require a sibling?
    I had a father who taught me how to play sports.
    A mother to adore and cling to;
    I’d only share if you were here.
    And I don’t have anything of my own.
    As we grew older, I realized that we had a brother.
    Can be a buddy, a guide, and fulfill my requirements
    Without you, I can’t picture my life.
    You make me feel whole.




Raksha Bandhan is the most loved by siblings as we not just share Short Quotes On Raksha Bandhan but we search for special Rakhi Wishes Brother 2021 to make our brother feel special.

Same thing goes for sister also we all love our sister but we like to annoy her but on rakhi we choose best Rakhi Wishes Sister 2021 to wish her.

Before we finish these Raksha Bandhan Poem In English 2021 article here is one last best Rakhi Poem of 2021.


  • Resham Ke Dhaagon Ka Hai Yah Majaboot Bandhan
    Maathe Par Chamake Chaaval Roli Aur Chandan
    Pyaar Se Mithaee Khilaaye Behan Pyari
    Dekh Ise Chhalak Utheen Aankhon Bhar Aaya Man


When emotions are presented in the form of a poem, they are communicated far more effectively.

Fine feelings should be articulated as eloquently as possible, and what better medium to do it than poetry? Consider how happy your sibling would be when he or she receives a poem from you on Raksha Bandhan.

Thanks for reading and do let us know which Happy Raksha Bandhan Poem In English you liked the most and drop your wishes in comment box.

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