Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag

Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag

Welcome guys today we are going to tell about Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag. So what is Jet Lag, Jet Lag happen when you fly across one or more time zones. Most people need to cross the three-time zone to notice it and the more time zones you cross worst jet lag may be. This may make it hard for you to fall asleep stay asleep or stay awake during the day. It can also make you feel weak or might make you lose appetites you may not be able to have a bowel movement or may have diarrhea.

This can happen to anyone doesn’t matter of your age, fitness, health, and how often you fly none of that makes a difference and whether you get it or not and it’s usually worse when a person flies east rather than west. Jet Lag makes you feel bad but it isn’t serious most people get better three two-four days after their flight and here we have some Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag.

Drink Water

First in our Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag is Drink lots of water you’ve no doubt heard that you lose more water due to dehydration that occurs flying in the dry air at altitude. So you obviously need to drink more water to stay hydrated and be jet lag. Drink about 12 to 16 ounces of water each hour before your flight.

Cold Shower

The second one in our Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag is a cold shower. Cold shower decrease inflammatory cytokines assist with activation of brown adipose tissue for fat burning and caused a rebound hormone response in the form of a release of adrenaline. So taking a two to five minute cold shower in the hotel when you arrive at your destination is a great plan.


Multiple studies have shown that exercise can regulate your circadian rhythms so it’s lousy and miserable as you feel training after a long day of travel or a few days of travel the sooner you can vigorously move after arriving your final destination the sooner you can bounce back from jetlag and normalize your circadian rhythm and sleep. But, this doesn’t mean you have to do a killer workout of the day or epic run. when you get to your destination talk three choices if you’re a feeling a bit blah after travel or walking barefoot in the sunshine on a beach, swimming, and yoga in barefoot these are the Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag.

Avoid Caffeine
( Best Way Of Overcoming Jet Lag )

It’s a relatively common recommendation to see the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants discourage for managing jet lag and because of its overstimulation of the central nervous system and potential for disrupting your circadian rhythms. I’m more than absolutely agree if you want Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag so you should avoid caffeine.

Go Float Yourself

Last and Best Natural Way Of Overcoming Jet Lag floating yourself. Floating is also known as sensory deprivation or floatation therapy is a great way to overcome jet lag. the reason we recommend floatation therapy for jetlag is because the deep relaxation you achieve in the float room will give you a nice feeling of being rested one hour of a float session can feel like four to six-hours of regular and it helps your body adjust to the rhythms of your new time zone the sensation of being in a floatation tank give you sense of peace and true happiness which is definitely Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag.

So these are the Best Natural Ways Of Overcoming Jet Lag for you. If you like this article so tell us in the comment section.

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