50+ Best Happy Dussehra Wishes 2021, Images, Quotes & Messages

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Vijayadashami is another name for Dusshera. It is a significant Hindu celebration that takes place every year at the end of Navratri. In different regions of the country, it is commemorated for diverse reasons.


Wishing friends, family, and loved ones a Happy Dussehra is as simple as tapping a phone screen in this day and age of digital communications.

May God grant all of my friends’ wishes for a joyful Dussehra to everyone

On this auspicious day of Dussehra, I wish that Lord Ram showers you with joy, prosperity, and success. I wish you and your family a happy Dussehra.


Happy Dussehra Wishes 2021


Dusshera marks the end of Durga Puja in various areas of the country. It’s a festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. Her triumph with Mahishasura, the buffalo demon, aids in the restoration of Dharma.

It is commemorated in various areas of the nation because of Lord Rama’s triumph over the monster Ravana in the Ramayana. It is commemorated by the burning of Ravana’s sculptures and by sharing Happy Dussehra Wishes 2021 with our relatives and all.




Wishing you a life filled with commitment, drive, and dedication this Dussehra.

Dushehara is a celebration commemorating the triumph of good over evil in our lives.

Let us rejoice in the triumph of good over evil.

May the burning of Ravana this Dussehra burn away all your problems.

When Ram was in the Satya Yug, he slew Ravana, the powerful demon and king of Lanka.

Let us rejoice together and trust in God’s blessings for good by sending these beautiful Happy Dussehra Wishes 2021 with all.

The person who has learnt to admire but not to envy is fortunate.

Siyaram, Jai Siyaram, Jai Siyaram, Jai In whatever you do, I wish you success and happiness. I wish you all a nice Dussehra.


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Warm greetings and best wishes for a joyous Dussehra! May the day bring you happiness and prosperity now and in the future.

May Goddess Durga’s heavenly blessings assist you in achieving success in everything you undertake… Happy Vijayadashami, everyone!

RAWAN ke 10 Sar, 20 Aakhein, par Nazar Ek hi ladki par, Aapka Sar 1, Aankhein 2, par Nazar har ladki par. Ab batao ki.? Asli Rawan kaun.? Wish u HAPPY DUSSEHRA.

et’s start a great life by conquering our eternal 5 evils
-Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankar…
Let us take the oath to give a dimension to our life on this auspicious festival.


Dussehra Wishes 2021


On the day of Dussehra , individuals give Happy Dussehra 2021 Wishes, greetings to their family members, relatives, and friends.

If you’re looking for Dussehra greeting texts on Google, you’ve come to the right place. You may wish Dussehra to your loved ones by sending 10 such Dussehra wishes texts.


List Of Happy Dussehra Wishes 2021


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  • Today was the day when virtue triumphed over evil. May this day clear all the stumbling blocks in your life and usher in a new age of happiness.
  • Jaise Ram ji ne Jeeta Lanka Ko, Waise app bhi jeeten saari duniya. Is dussehre mil jayen app ko,Duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan.
  • Saraswati, may she dance on your tongue and lips! Play with Lakshmi on your palms, Parvathi in your heart, and Durga on your arms.
  • This Dussehra, get heated up about it! Dussehra is a Hindu festival celebrated in India.
  • Sri Ram Ji, aapke ghar sukh ki barsat karein, Dukhon ka naash karen,
  • Har pal ho sunehera, duniya me naam ho roshan thumahara, dusron ko dikhao tum kinara yehi sapna hai hamara.
  • Khushiyon ka tyohaar, Pyaar ki bauchaar, Mithaiyon ki bahar, Is Dussehra ke shubh din aapko mile khushiya hazar bar.


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  • Bhagwan Ram smashed the wicked empire and spread the seed of peace in its place. Best wishes for Dussehra to all of my close friends and family.
  • Phool khile khushi aap k kadam chume, Kabhi na ho dukho ka samna, Dhan hi Dhan aye aap k angana, Yahi he Dashera k shub avsar par Manokamna.
  • Dukhon ka naash karen is Dussehra ke din, Sri Ram Ji aapke ghar sukh ki barsat karein. Wishing you a Happy Dussehra Wishes 2021.
  • Burai par acchai ki jeet! dussehra lata hai ek ummed Ravan ki tarah hamare dukhon ka ant ho ek nai shuruat ho ek naye savere ke saath Happy Dussehra.
  • A blessed Dussehra to you and your loved ones! Enjoy the heaps of blessings God has granted you.
  • The everyday sun rises to give us a message that darkness will always be beaten by light. Let us follow the same natural rule and enjoy the festival of good defeats evil.
  • Battles and challenges are but normal in a person’s life. But you will never win them with a negative mindset. Let this Dussehra spring up hope in your heart.




In certain parts of India, there are several local festivities that might last up to 10 days.

Performances of the Ramlila in Northern India and the making of unique delicacies such as luchi and alur dom in West Bengal are among the local events.

To all of you, a happy Dussehra. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.

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