Happy Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021


Looking for Happy Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021 to celebrate the independence day with the all happiness, then you are at right place as we have a huge list of Independence Day 2021 Wishes and Quotes for woman.

The 15th of August is designated as Independence Day because it was on this date in 1947 that we gained our independence.

We drafted our constitution after independence under the presidency of Bhimrao (Babasaheb) Ambedkar, and it was accepted on January 26, 1950.

Thus, we have celebrated Independence Day on August 15th since 1947, and Republic Day on January 26th since 1950.


  • Being free means not being frightened to speak up for yourself. The most valuable thing in the world is independence, so stiffen your upper lip and fight for your right to be self-sufficient.


  • Being free does not imply that you will always be free. You must fight for it until your last breath, so that everyone knows not to mess with you and your independence.


Independence Day Quotes For Women


The best approach to commemorate the country’s independence is to do something worthwhile for it, rather than just singing the national song once a year. Flag hoisting is a breathtaking sight, and everyone should be proud of the Tiranga. But We believe the true meaning of being a “Proud Indian” is much different!

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So our Happy Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021 are going to make you proud of being an Indian




  • “Be the cause of unity, fight corruption, and flaunt our country’s flag.”


  • “It takes more than bombs and firearms to start a revolution. On the whetting stone of ideas, the sword of revolution gets sharpened.” Bhagat Singh was a famous Indian freedom fighter.


  • “By joining, we are stronger; by splitting, we are weaker. The Independence Day is a terrific time to reflect on who we are and how we got here. “Happy Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021!”


  • Imagine a day when you didn’t have the right to be free. I’m afraid I can’t. So, let us commemorate our Independence Day!”


  • Carried with care, coated with pride, dipped in love, fly-in glory, moments of freedom in the shade of joy,”
  • Says 21. I’m proud to call myself an Indian. “Happy Independence Day!”


  • “Celebrate India’s free spirit.” May this Independence Day bring you joy and wealth in your life. “Happy Independence Day!”


Independence Day is one of the most important Indian festival and we have a holiday on this day.

A day before Independence day in schools students celebrates it by singing Happy Independence Day Poem in English and enjoy.


  • Delhi Chalo” and “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do main Tumhe Ajadi Doonga”. – Subhas Chandra Bose


  • Do not take your independence and freedom for granted. Happy Independence Day.”


Happy Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021


Independence Day is a symbol of our freedom fighters’ and Indian people’s courageous sacrifices in the fight for independence from the British.

It demonstrates our commitment to creating an autonomous environment in which you may live and think freely.

To enjoy the independence day we must wishes everyone and for women we have these beautiful Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021 so that they can feel special.

Don’t Just change your D.P. to show your Affection to Indian Flag! unfold the flag on your roof and respect it in your heart.


List Of Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021




  • “A hero is a person who recognizes the responsibility that comes with being free.”


  • At any cost, freedom is never a valuable commodity. It is the source of all life. What would a guy refuse to pay to live?”


  • “India culturally conquered and dominated China for 20 centuries without ever sending a single soldier beyond her border!”


  • “The Constitution is not merely a legal document; it is a vehicle for life, and its spirit is always that of age.” Happy Independence Day Quotes For Woman to everyone.


  • “Violent means will result in violent liberty. That would be a threat to the entire world, including India.”


  • “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


On the day of Independence Day we usually look for some Independence Day WhatsApp Status 2021 to wish our social media friends a very Independence Day Wishes For friends of 2021.


  • The world will undervalue who you are if you undervalue what you do.”


  • “Doing your best now puts you in the best position for the next moment.”


  • “Be grateful for what you have; you’ll get more.” You will never, ever have enough if you focus on what you don’t have.”


  • “Turn your wounds become wisdom,” says number ten.


  • “You can have everything you want. Just not all at the same time.”


  • “Doing the right thing knowing that no one would know whether you did it or not is true integrity.”


  • “Learning which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn is one of life’s most difficult lessons.”





India’s Independence Day, August 15, 1947, commemorates India’s complete independence from British dominion. We commemorate the nation’s battle and the immolation of our strong liberation fighters on this day every year on August 15th.

Because you used the word “we,” I assume you are an Indian. At the very least, you should be aware of this.

So before we finish our Happy Independence Day Quotes For Woman 2021 her are some extra Independence day wishes for Woman.


  • “No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
  • “I do know one thing about me: I don’t measure myself by others’ expectations or let others define my worth.” 


  • “Success is its own reward, but failure is a great teacher too, and not to be feared.” 

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