How To Find Out If Someone Is Lying

How To Find Out If Someone Is Lying

Today we are going to tell you about how to find out if someone is lying. What, If you didn’t need a lie detector? What, If your knowledge of psychology and human behavior was enough to tell If people were telling the truth?

Some people are inherently born with the ability to spot a liar. Others study and practice for years before they can tell can call people out on their dishonesty.

Well, We’re about to give you a crash course on how to find out if someone is lying.

Avoid Eye Contact
( Most Obvious Sign Of Liar )

How To Find Out If Someone Is Lying

This has to be one of the most obvious signs of a liar. Eye contact is linked to the truthfulness, and multiple studies have linked with the inability to look someone in the eye. Although this has been explored by the research, It only takes a little bit of common sense to see why this is true.

Facial Expression And Emotion Don’t Match Up

This Is something most of us aren’t familiar with. Sometimes, peoples just give us a strange vibe. Often this is because their emotions and facial expression seem totally disconnected. They might be smiling when their body language seems sad or vice versa. Studies have shown that this is a major red flag when it comes to lying.


The third one is how to find out if someone is lying list is inconsistent. Liars can’t keep their stories straight. That’s basically what psychologists mean when they say inconsistency. And studies have proven it’s a sign of lying.

This is a common tactic used by police during interrogations. They ask the suspect to repeat their story again and again hoping to poke holes in it when certain details are inconsistent.

They Can’t Tell Their Story Backwards

Find Out If Someone Is Lying

If you ever doubt that someone is telling the truth, ask them to tell their story backward. Studies have shown that when people are lying, they have trouble telling their false version of events in reverse.

When people are lying, they have an increased cognitive load. This basically means that liar’s brains are working much harder than those who are telling the truth.

When you asked a liar to tell their story backward, this might push their cognitive load over the edge leaving them unable to keep their story straight.


But there might be an easier way to spot what psychologists refer to as masked emotions. Just take note of how often someone is blinking. Research has shown that frequent blinking is linked to masked emotions, a clear sign of lying and this is the last tip in our how to find out if someone is lying collection.

At The End:

So this is our some precious tips related to how to find out if someone is lying. If you like and want to tell us about your stories of when you caught a lier so you can tell us in the comment section.

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