How To Spend Less Time On Your Phone

How To Spend Less Time On Your Phone

Do you use too much phone and want to get rid of this bad habit, then today you can know How To Spend Less Time On Your Phone. If you spend less time on your phone so you have a lot of free time so you can do many things which we described in Best Things To Do In Your Free Time.

How often do you check your phone? How much more productive or happier will you be if you could spend less time on your phone? At this time we will tell you about How To Spend Less Time On Your Phone and we are starting right now.

Uninstall The Problem Apps

best way To Spend Less Time On Your Phone

Chances are, you always check the same 1,2 or 3 apps when you spend time on your phone. It is also likely that the apps are social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, And Twitter. These apps are designed to get you hooked and keep you going back to them which is why you might often check your phone.

To spend less time on your phone, you can uninstall them. Without the app is there, you won’t have too many reasons to check your phone.

Use A Blocking Apps

 Spend Less Time On Your Phone

There are apps like cold turkey and app block that blocks apps on your phone for a certain time frame. You can block out the apps that force you to always check your phone so that there’s no point to check your phone.

This is a great choice if you are not willing to part ways with the apps by uninstalling them. Will this, you will spend time and you will still have the apps on your phone. But if you are spending more time on your phone after that blocked time frame is over, you might want to try uninstalling or the other tips.

Minimize Your Information Intake

Minimize Your Information Intake

We check our phone because there will always be new information up every few minutes. Wheater is the news or social media, there is so much information online. If you minimize how much information you receive, you can spend a lot less time on your phone.

By unfollowing and unfriending people or pages, you barely interact with, your feed will be more stale. When your feed becomes more stale, you will eventually check your phone less because there is nothing new to look at.

Mute All Notification

Spend Less Time On Your Phone

If you ask us How To Spend Less Time On Your Phone so we must tell you mute all notification. You can use do not disturb function on your phone or you go to each individual app and turn off notification. whatever you choose, It will help you spend less time on your phone because whenever you hear the sound of a notification, you are probably excited to check it out.

Be Aware Of When You Want To Pull Out The Phone

Being more self-aware, you can stop checking your phone or check it less. Using your phone can be a habit. There’s a cue, habit, and then the reward. For me, the cue would be when I am bored so I would check my phone and scroll through social media which was the habit. And the reward was the feeling of doing something.

If you can identify your cue to check your phone, you can then replace the habit or do the habit less. You can replace checking your phone by talking to people, Read Books.

At The End :

If you follow our How To Spend Less Time On Your Phone tips so you can make some free time for yourself. So in the free time, you can do many things who will simplify your life.

If you like our tips so you can tell us in the comment section also.

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