Independence Day Wishes In Gujarati

independence day wishes in gujarati

If you are searching for Independence Day Wishes In Gujarati then your search will end here as we have a huge collection of Independence Day Wishes In Gujarati and many other languages.

For the people of every country, Independence Day is a special occasion because the sense of being free is unmistakably different.

Several public and private ceremonies are held to honor the people who helped bring the country independence.

Many individuals take part in it and show their support for the country. Because it is a national holiday, businesses and organizations will be closed.

You can also check our Happy Independence Day Wishes In Tamil and for Punjab states people we also have Happy Independence Day Quotes In Punjabi.

Kids create lovely greeting cards and write personal greetings for their friends. Prepare some wonderful messages and send them by SMS or text if you want to wish your loved ones in a unique way.


  • ચાલો એક પ્રત્સાહન દ્વારા ફ્રીડમ ઉજવણી કરીયે , માનવ અધિકાર સંસ્કૃતિ કે જેમાં અંદર પ્રતિષ્ઠા અને સમાનતા વસવાટ કરો ચો માટે કોડ બની જાય છે. આ માટે અમારી ભૂમિકા હશે સપના સુધી રહેવા 1947. હેપી સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ મુબારક
  • थोडोक नशो तिरंगानी आन नो छे, थोडोक नशो मातृभुमिनी शान नो छे, दरेक जग्याए त्रिरंगो लहेरावशुं, कारण के आ नशो हिन्दुस्ताननी सम्मान नो छे.
  • Carried with care, coated with pride, dipped in love, fly in glory, moments of freedom in the shade of joy. Proud to be an Indian.


independence day wishes in gujarati 2021


Independence Day Wishes In Gujarati


Our collection of Independence Day Wishes In Gujarati is huge and contains many new Independence Day 2021 Wishes for your loves ones.

SO don’t hesitate to share these wishes with your friends and family.


  • We are free, with the tricolor flapping high above the earth, the tricolor on our wrists, the tricolor on our faces, and the blossoming in our chests. Happy Independence Day.
  • Happy Independence Day.! No one can take away our freedom because it is something we are born with. On this 15th of august, let us celebrate independence.
  • Happy Independence Day.! Being an Indian is our identity, and the tricolor is our pride, therefore our country is known for its variety while being united.
  • આવો આપણે રાષ્ટ્રનાં હિત માટે સારા કાર્યો કરવાની પ્રતિજ્ઞા કરીએ.જેથી આપણાં ત્રિરંગાનું ગૌરવ અને પ્રતિષ્ઠા પણ વધે. સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસની શુભેચ્છાઓ
  • અન્ય કદાચ ભૂલી ગયા હોઈ શકે છે
    પરંતુ હું ક્યારેય શકતો નથી
    મારા દેશના ત્રિકોણીય રંગનું મે
    ખૂબ ઊંચી Furls
    સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસની શુભેચ્છાઓ….
  • Its my pleasure to wishes everyone Independence Day Wishes In Gujarati with these beautiful wishes and quotes.


independence day Quotes in gujarati


Independence Day Quotes In Gujarati


WIth these amazing Independence Day quotes In Gujarati you can celebrate your festival with all the happiness and you can also share Independence Day WhatsApp Status 2021 with everyone.


  • તારી મહાનતાને છંદથી શણગારવાની જરૂર નથી એ દેશ… ‘ ભારત ‘ નામ જ અભિમાન કરવા જેવી ગઝલ છે. Happy Independence Day
  • Happy Independence Day to all of you. On this day of independence, I hope the flag feels at home wherever it is flown. I desire for a free soul that is not caged in tranquility.
  • Happy Independence Day, India! Let us make our hearts free of all social constraints on this Independence Day.
  • To all of you, a very happy Independence Day. Let us cross the barrier of hearts for a nation without borders to see history once more.
  • For millennia, India has been renowned as the Land of Bravery because of the sacrifices made for the cause of Liberation. Every Indian wishes you a happy Independence Day.
  • Happy Independence Day Wishes and Images! India is a diverse country in terms of religion, caste, creed, and color. It’s a country that values love and unity.




15th August 2021 Gujarati Independence Day Messages & SMS: Greetings, friends.

First and foremost, we would like to wish every Indian citizen a very happy Independence Day 2021. So, on the occasion of the Independence Day, we’ve compiled a list of 15th August Independence Day Wishes In Gujarati for you to enjoy.


independence day Quotes in gujarati 2021


  • Let us pay tribute to all patriots, because freedom would not have existed without them. We will never be able to pay back what they done. Congratulations on your country’s independence!
  • Let us make a firm resolve to value our country and never forget those who fought for our freedom. Congratulations on your country’s independence!
  • It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to demonstrate your independence. Make a statement about yourself. Never follow in someone else’s footsteps; you are, after all, self-sufficient! 
  • Let us honor our martyrs by remembering their sacrifices and appreciating what they have given us now. Best wishes for your freedom!


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This Independence Day promise you save your sister from rape, from assault, your nation from terrorism and yourself by falling in the wrong trap. Happy Independence Day!


May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our country! – Sardar Bhagat Singh


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